How to make a Basic White Sauce

This kind of sauce is the basis for a lot of sauces, so once you know how to make a basic white sauce (or roux) you can then add to it to take your meal in any number of directions.

  • Start with putting a metal skillet on med-high heat
  • Add some sort of fat to the skillet: you can use butter, oil or any kind of fat you’d like– preferably not a fat with a low smoke point (like olive oil) as it will burn too easily.
  • Once the butter (or other chosen fat) is melted and runny, at an equal amount of all-purpose flour to the pan and begin whisking together.
  • You’ll notice the smell of the flour cooking, and you will want to whisk continuously until the flour smells “cooked”.  (It will smell less like dough and more like toasted bread.)

* Once the sauce is “cooked” and looks blond in color, you now have a simple white sauce.  To this, you can add a little nutmeg and salt if you’re going to just use it as a basic white sauce.  However, if you want to continue cooking the sauce until it’s darker, you can do so– just be prepared that the darker your sauce (or roux) gets, the thinner the sauce will be.

Here is an excellent example of what a white sauce (or blond roux) should look like:

blond roux

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